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Boater Education Course: Confidence Docking and Undocking

10/20/22 (Classroom Session 6 to 9 PM)
10/22/22 (On-water Practical 9 to 11 AM)

Look like a pro. Protect your boat, your passengers, and yourself with the docking/undocking skills you need. Docking can be one of the most stressful tasks you can perform, especially if you are a new boater. Learn how to control your boat at slow speed in close proximity to other boats and fixed objects.  Learn how to approach the dock in a variety of conditions and safely secure your boat. Learn how to depart the dock in any situation. Understand the use of spring lines, how to safely fend off, and other techniques. With the knowledge you'll gain in this seminar, coupled with your on-the-water practice, your confidence in docking and slow-speed maneuvering will increase and your boating will be both safer and more enjoyable.



Anchoring with Assurance: Don’t Get Carried Away

11/17/22 (Classroom Session from 6 to 9 PM)
11/19/22 (On-water Practical 9 to 11 AM)

Know how to anchor in a variety of situations, weather, or seabed and be prepared to adjust for changing conditions. Learn the skills and knowledge of securing your vessel to the bottom through the use of a line, chain, and one or more anchors.  Whether it's for fishing, swimming, a lunch break, or an overnight stop, one of the real pleasures in boating is "hanging on the hook" in some quiet spot.  Emergencies such as loss of power, equipment breakdown or failure, or weather hazard may also require that your boat be anchored for a time. Good seamanship demands that all boaters know how to anchor safely.  Anchoring topics begin with how to select an anchorage and how to anchor depending on conditions.  After learning how anchors should be used, you will know if yours is satisfactory or what kind(s) to buy.  The seminar covers useful anchoring tips and tricks and concludes by discussing how to moor and raft safely.